I’m in that special and wonderful place where I’ve started a lot of projects but I’m not giving them equal attention. I’m a freelancer, which means I’ll have a good amount of time to really dig into a project before I realize I need to take work.  After that’s done, I face the uphill battle of reconnecting to the personal projects I put on hold.   It’s a vicious cycle that gets harder with time.  I know I can’t work on all these at the same time so developed a simple spread to compare and contrast each of my projects.

Just do one row of 6-cards for each project:

  1. Overall card for the project itself.
  2. What is the Pro?
  3. What is the Con?
  4. How will this project further my career (move toward goals)?
  5. What are the obstacles?
  6. Advice (you can throw down as many cards as you need here.)

I have three projects swirling around right now:  A documentary (row 1),  my own tarot deck (row 2), and opening a tarot space in Brooklyn (row 3.) Here’s what I got from El Gran Tarot Esoterico.

It’s pretty hard to ignore row 3, TAROT SPACE, which begins with the ACE OF WANDS.   When it comes to projects or ventures, the Ace of Wands is pretty much the créme de la créme of the tarot.  The 3 of WANDS, the pro, suggests excellent collaborative energy and taming of wild impulses.  LA PICOTA (hanged man) reversed is the con. Perhaps this isn’t the most personal of projects I’ve got going.  If my goal is TEMPERANCE, then a tarot space may help me work on what’s out of balance. The obstacle would be finding a co-op of people who have compatible energy. Advice is the 6 OF WANDS reversed.  I’m perplexed.

The documentary project in Row 1 has potential, even though EL CICLO (JUDGEMENT) reversed suggests it’s an unending process with an unclear resolution.  The 7 of CUPS, the pro, indicates a very receptive project with room for expansion and new ideas to fill these cups.   The PAGE OF SWORDS REVERSED could be suggesting this isn’t the best time to take this project back up.   More strategizing?  THE DEVIL REVERSED brings me closer to my goals.  It kind of needs to happen. The 10 OF SWORDS REVERSED is the obstacle.  That never-ending cycle!! I started this project 10 years ago, has it become more of a burden than a pleasure?   The 9 OF WANDS could be advising me to focus on the lighting up that magic lamp (connect with the original passion again) before diving back in.

The tarot deck project in Row 2 seems the most problematic.   I’m not psyched seeing THE TOWER at the obstacle and the 10 of WANDS as the con.   This perhaps means the project is overwhelming right now.  I have been struggling with trying to drain the Rider-Waite system from my psyche.    The PAGE OF CUPS REVERSED is the card of the project itself, and it feels like deep contemplation that’s really not going anywhere.   The advice is to stop spinning my wheels as shown by the PAGE OF COINS reversed.  This feels like me not being myself or connecting with my own voice.   Perhaps the TAROT SPACE needs to start before the cards are taken back up as a project?