I woke up today wanting to do a tarot reading of my Chakras.  Nothing fancy, one card for each. You know, just checking in.  If you want your mind blown by a stunning collection of chakra related images visit the COLLECTION OF HUMAN FREQUENCIES page! This Chakra spread reads right to left, root to crown.  ROY G. BIV, baby. 1) ROOT (red) > STRENGTH REVERSED About 10 years ago, I went a psychic told stopped me and said the energy around by bottom two chakras is all tangled. STRENGTH REVERSED verifies that message, I feel lost in the tide of what the root chakra is related to:  security, success, the material world and the physical body.  I’m going to have to open this chakra up in another reading for advice on how to gain control. 2) SACRUM (orange) > 6 OF WANDS REVERSED This is the chakra of passion, love, sex. Picard explains his design as being “the struggle of two opposing principals; one which gives life and one which kills.”     There are two energies battling for dominance.  The reversal suggests my self-destructive tendencies are have the upper hand.  3) SOLAR PLEXUS (yellow) > 5 of WANDS The chakra of will personal power and self control.  The star here feels very strong and radiant, but also seems closed off, over protective, barbed and perhaps a little too self-concerned. I would do a further reading on how to open this up a little bit. 4) HEART (green) > 10 OF COINS Love, compassion, balance, group consciousness hang out in this Chakra.  The 10 of coins is another card heavily rooted in the Earth element.   Maybe I’m in a pessimistic mood today, but it really does feel like I have a part of my heart that is completely stockpiled and protected.   I’m only giving 50% here.  5) THROAT (blue) > THE SUN Speech, expression, art. The Sun shines brightly on the two children.  As an artist, I’m psyched to see this card here, but it I’m starting to feel parched as I walk through the desert of this reading!! 6) THIRD EYE (indigo) > 2 OF COINS The chakra of Intuition, insight, and clairvoyance.  This pair of coins show the planted seed of the psychic and intuitive moon, but where is the water to help this seed grow?  There isn’t one card of water or air in this […]


The new Moon solar eclipse, visible only in Australia, will begin around 2AM EST and we’re still in the throws of the Cardinal Grand Cross.   Adam Elenbass wrote an excellent breakdown of what we can expect in his Nightlight Horoscope column: Whatever is worthy of our commitment does not guarantee joy or success or even happiness or elevated consciousness. Whatever is worthy of our commitment is what we are allowing right now to grip our soul and illuminate something we are just dying to see…something that’s been shaded. We have to find out… Here is a 7-card spread based on his article: A card for the Grand Cross + another for the Eclipse What am I coasting on? What decisions am I allowing to be made for me? What I am I dying to see that’s been in the shade? How do I go safely into the shade? What’s the ultimate priority? This is my reading. It should be noted that the new moon is in Taurus, which lines up with the moon in my birth chart.   The 7 OF CUPS is the Cardinal Grand Cross showing integration between body and spirit, receptiveness.  The ACE OF SWORDS is the Solar eclipse illuminating what’s lurking the shadows with negative light (intuition.) What am I coasting on?  The 8 OF WANDS REVERSED, ego and pride.   THE MOON REVERSED shows the decision being made for me:  to move forward and face fears or retreat.  The solar eclipse depicted on this card once again revels a crab surfacing in the negative light.  This thing is demanding attention! I’m dying to see the 10 OF WANDS which is lurking the shade.  The ring of fire is burning brightly, but unseen.   THE CHARIOT REVERSED navigates me safely into the shade using intuition, not physical control.  The priority?  My old friend and muse for 2014, the 10 OF SWORDS!  This card also shows a solar eclipse and speaks of cycles.   The priority is what’s happening now, honing the ability to see in the negative light of the eclipse — and perhaps slay the surfacing crab at the ace shows.


We are in the peak of a Cardinal Grand Cross which has raised the hackles of Astrologers around the globe.   From upheaval in the Ukraine, to the sunken ferry in South Korea and the missing jetliner from Malaysia (not to mention several notable earthquakes around the ring of fire) there is a lot going on.  According to Anthony Louis’ helpful blog entry, “Individuals born with their Sun or personal planets and chart points at 13 degrees of a cardinal sign will be most strongly affected.”  The Ukraine falls under this category. A simple 8-card spread to reveal personal impact from the Cardinal Grand Cross: TOP LEFT: effects of URANUS IN ARIES BOTTOM LEFT: effects of JUPITER IN CANCER BOTTOM RIGHT: effects of MARS IN LIBRA TOP RIGHT: effects of PLUTO IN CAPRICORN CENTER: two cards for overall impact RIGHT: two cards for of long term effects The ACE OF WANDS shows the powerful effects of Uranus in Aries. I am Sagittarius with Leo rising, so this was bound to have to most profound effect.  The potential to begin anew is at conflict with the other planets in the square. The 6 OF WANDS shows the effects of Jupiter in Cancer.   This card is literally ruled by Jupiter and so am I.   Cancer is such an emotional sign, it feels like Jupiter is attempting to boil to the water a bit and bring something massive to the surface. The 6 OF CUPS represents a retrograde Mars in Libra. This is the first time this card has ever come up in a reading with this deck!  With 3 cups facing in either direction, Mars feels somewhat neutralized, inward and lost in Libra.  This feels almost like the safe space in the square. The QUEEN OF PENTACLES reversed represents Pluto in Capricorn.  I wonder if someone else’s bad decisions are going to have direct effect on me? The overall impact is the ACE OF PENTACLES reversed.   Ugg.  The nice way to interpret this is feeling vulnerable and helpless in the center of it all.   The worst is that something will come down from that Queen and effect the freelance project I’m working on.   That Queen already fired all of her own employees yesterday and isn’t prone to making considerate decisions this week. Nevertheless, the 10 OF CUPS AND COINS as outgoing impact feel very balanced. Whatever is […]

LAST SUPPER TAROT SPREAD (Ya know, for Holy Thursday!)

Holy Thursday is believed to be the day the last supper took place back in April 0033 as part of Passover.  When I was kid, Holy Thursday we would have to visit three churches and pray in front of the empty tabernacle in the altar. I may not be religious, but I still have this fabulous last supper wood art hanging in my kitchen, so I wanted to do a  five-card spread to coincide.   The Last Supper specifically portrays the reaction given by each apostle when Jesus said one of them would betray him.  Who am I at this table (left to right)? What is truly worshipped/revered at this supper? What is to be feasted upon? What is behind the betrayal? What should I enjoy like it’s the last time? The apostles from left to right are:  Bartholomew, James son of Alphaues, Andrew, Judas, Peter, John, Jesus, Tomas, James the Greater, Philip, Matthew, Jude Thaddeus, and Simon the Zealot. Who am I at this table? The 7th person from the left…. Jesus!   Ok, I’m not really looking forward to tomorrow!  The 7 OF CUPS gives a glimpse inside.  The flowers have grown and bloomed amongst the very open and receptive cups.  Integration of body and spirit. What is truly worshipped at this table is the 10 OF SCEPTERS, which is interesting since two of these apostles turn out to be shady ass queens, and of course their chosen one is about to be sacrificed.  What is truly worshipped here is the ability for the 10 remaining apostles to come together and create a powerful ring of fire.  What is sacrificed will inspire. What is to be feasted upon?  THE HEIROPHANT, not food, but that fleeting direct connection with “god.”   It’s suddenly getting real biblical up in here.   The beautiful 9 OF CUPS is behind the betrayal.  A butterfly that has completed its metamorphosis flutters smack dab in the center of the pentacle cup formation (the pentacle being a symbol for the body.)   What’s behind the betrayal necessitates transformation. The PAGE OF SWORDS reversed is what’s to enjoy like it’s the last time.   This dude just waits and waits on his game board.   He’s always practicing, and calculating, and his reversal brings this waiting to an end.  Enjoy the safety before going to battle.


With the weather being more bi-polar than Britney Spears, I’ve been feeling pretty drained of energy.   Nothing screams “brick wall” more than a mid-April morning covered in a layer of snow and ice.  I put together an 8-card drained battery spread to figure out how to recharge. Every battery has a positive (+) and negative (-) cathode which allows current to flow or be restored: Middle row: The BATTERY The Battery (you) (+) Terminal, Right (-) Terminal, Left Top row: WHAT TO CONNECT WITH FOR RECHARGE (+) Right (-) Left Bottom row: What is USING THIS ENERGY (+) Right (-) Left One final card Instructions for use So I did this reading for myself, and let’s just say it was supercharged: The battery (me) is the MALE CONSULTANT/MAGICIAN.  If I were to pick any card in this deck that reminds me of a battery this would be it. The Magician shows a map of energy channels within the body that can either receive or expel energy. The Positive Terminal is the FOOL with all of his outward, impulsive energy.  The Negative Terminal is the FEMALE CONSULTANT/HIGH PRIESTESS with all of her potential energy. Her reversal matches accentuates the negative energy current. What recharges: THE FOUR OF DISKS (+) bares the sign of earth which literally looks like the symbol for positive energy.  This card is the same up or down and indicates working for $$, making some bank. THE HEIROPHANT REVERSED (-) connects to reversed High Priestess.   With Seder and Easter Dinner planned for this week, the feasting rituals help complete the circuit. I’m really looking forward to cooking for both! What drains:  THE MOON is what requires energy (+).  After Monday’s Pink-eclipsed-moon tarot spread, all the lunar activity has taken its toll.   This is the second reading in one week that seems to affirm psychic / spiritual investigation is an exhausting activity.  To complete the circuit of drainage, STRENGTH (-) shows how feminine Venus energy tames the savage heart.  The amount of energy required to deal with the Moon is shown here. Instructions for use:  The 10 OF COINS reversed shows a perfect balance of positive and negative energy.  The cycle of recharge and discharge is important.  Energy should not be retained for too long, it must be used and replenished.  All these major arcana are not screwing around!


Yesterday I created a 7-card spread for the Full Pink Moon and Lunar Eclipse and put it to use with the following three readings. 1) WHAT IS THE PINK MOON? 2) WHAT IS BEING ILLUMINATED BY PINK MOON? 3) WHAT IS BEING ECLIPSED? 4) WHY IS IT BEING ECLIPSED? 5) WHAT WILL WANE? 6) CARD FOR SPRING. READING 1 for K:   The pink moon is the 3 OF SWORDS:  a triangle of intense, negative emotions/conflict bares down on the fish (you) who has been turned belly up.  What will be illuminated is the powerful QUEEN OF WANDS who can triumph over the moon’s conflict.  The arrow under her feet signifies victory in her struggles while being an example for others. What is being eclipsed is THE PILLORY/HANGED MAN.  The pain indicated by the 3 of Swords is being kept private, maybe because you’ll feel exposed or judged if you let people see it, but this is also a place where we hang our convictions and beliefs. The Queen of Wands couldn’t rule effectively unless she bares her soul.  The reason for the eclipse is THE 10 OF WANDS creating a ring of fire, too many things going on at once.  The Queen is your example here, hyper focused with one powerful wand. What will wane is the 9 OF DISKS.  This card shows two separate lives growing separately but crowded together.   The four coins growing underground seem related to the fish.   Instead of spreading out and breaking through the surface, they are becoming tangled with each other. If we transplant the top coins elsewhere, the ones below can finally flourish. The card of spring is the ACE OF WANDS REVERSED.  This feels like a close up on the Queen’s wand.  She will need to use her power to do some difficult and unpleasant work (i.e. act aggressively for her own good.) READING 2 for V: The Pink Moon, the QUEEN OF SHELLS, inspires sharp focus and personal intuition.   What she is gazing is what’s been illuminated, the person in the 10 OF SWORDS with open wounds on a very slow path of healing. What’s being eclipsed is the 8 OF LIGHTS, the ability to step back and obtain an image of what the healed self will look like (a tangible goal.) The Queen can see all of the wounds, but not necessarily how they will heal.  The reason for […]


Tonight ain’t your run-of-the-mill full moon.  It’s the pink moon, coinciding with the first widespread wildflowers of spring —  AND the first of four lunar eclipses happening every 6 months.  It’s also the blood moon — AND — sundown begins passover!   T O T A L L Y  L O A D E D. Technically, this isn’t the first full moon of spring, but it’s the beginning of all that spring life:  leaves, flowers, birds and butterflies vs. allergies, poison ivy, mosquitos, and humidity.   Add in tomorrow’s tax day, and some very rare perfect square happening astrologically — we better pull unsheathe the tarot…. I created a 7 card spread: 1) WHAT IS THE PINK MOON? 2) WHAT IS BEING ILLUMINATED BY PINK MOON? 3) WHAT IS BEING ECLIPSED? 4) WHY IS IT BEING ECLIPSED? 5) WHAT WILL WANE? 6) CARD FOR SPRING. I did this reading for myself using El Gran Tarot Esoterico. The Pink Moon is the 2 OF SWORDS.Swords represent watery emotions and the subconscious mind in this deck and here the water is turned up into waves; the natural power of the full moon.   We even see the water being condensed into storm clouds above.   The pink moon is really stirring things up, but the rain is necessary for spring growth. THE FOOL is being illuminated by the Full Moon.Full/Fool, perfect word play.   This fool isn’t the standard icon for impulsive action, he is the scapegoat/freak/leper being cast from the village.  In this deck, the fool is associated with the Hebrew word Shin and comes between Judgement and The World.  Midnight is the beginning of Passover, the emancipation of the Israelites from slavery in ancient Egypt.  Tonight, this freedom is being illuminated.  Its certainly speaking to the event that millions will begin to celebrate.  On a personal level, it’s perhaps asking what emotional issue I’ve kept enslaved, and have to set free. The 6 OF WANDS is being ECLIPSED because of the 7 OF SWORDS.The fiery sun in the 6 of wands shows the sowing of scepters into the fertile ground, the very beginning of new ventures, a flood of inspiration. Of course, this is eclipsed because the sun is plunged into the depth of the ocean in the 7 of swords. Eudes Picard, who designed this system of minors around 1908 explained the card as, “the Cold Moon, mistress of the night , beaming on […]


This morning I decided to find out about this being that was detected in my  reading on Monday night, so I put to use my being spread: Shuffle the deck concentrating on your being. Set aside the top and bottoms cards. Locate The Devil or the Empress, whichever comes first.   The two cards around the Empress are the seeds of the being; the two cards around the Devil are what the seeds have grown into.   Find the other card and take note of the distance between to indicate how much history you have with this being.  If the Devil is located first, the growth and entanglement with the being is stronger.   The Empress coming first indicates a readiness to see this being in simplest form.    Go back the the top and bottom cards you first pulled. The top card is advice how to engage w/ being.  The bottom card is how to disengage. So I found AKER (aka The Devil) first, which means I’m a bit more entangled with this being than I thought. The seeds of this being have grown into precisely nothing as shown in the 2 OF COINS.   The moon, ever changing emotional state and psychic power, plays a big part here.   THE CONSULTANT (magician) reversed shows  the universe imprinted on the chakras of the archetypal man: Adam Kadmon. The moon is the root chakra or Yesod on the tree of life.  I went to a psychic fair a few years ago where this woman in black pointed to my groin and said I have darkness lingering in that area.  I, of course, was offended — but now it’s beginning to make sense.  This being is preventing growth and opening of this channel.  There are 11 cards between Aker and The Empress, indicating a short history with this being. The two cards around the Empress show the seeds of this being beginning with the seductive ACE OF COINS, with voluptuous roots.   Coins represent groundedness, so perhaps this being began with the promise of feeling grounded and safe.  Death inspires change, but also fear of change.  This being began with a choice between radical change or playing it safe.     Now back to those first two cards, how to engage and disengage. The 7 CUPS (air) are in a state of emptying, they are not receptive or vulnerable to outside […]

What are BEINGS? + Being Tarot Spread.

On Monday night our tarot study group got into a discussion about beings; what they may or may not be and where they come from.   One idea asserted was that beings have a will (or an agenda for us) and want to manifest as human. This reminds me of the strange crustacean coming to the surface in The Moon card, demanding consideration. Many have spoken of of beings over the years but I’ve never heard the same concept twice.  A friend of mine speaks constantly of beings, particularly those which enter her room at night and have the tactile quality of foam rubber.  There is also good ole life experience.  If a trauma in childhood leaves a psychological scar — can our reaction to that scar be perceived as a being?   Personally, I prefer to differentiate between sprits (like those of my ancestors and departed pets) and everything else.  That’s just me. Angels, ghosts, gods, light, white light, foam rubber, or completely abstract, there will never be a definition of being that makes anyone feel comfortable.  But what the hell, let’s see what El Gran Tarot Esoterico has to say about it. What are beings? Ace of Swords, reversed. There’s that crustacean from the moon card, pierced by the mighty sword.    It’s interesting that the reversal of this card brings the sword into an upright position, which normally indicates great wisdom and mental clarity.   But in Maritxu’s tarot swords are watery, and this one pierces directly inti the heart of the unknown.   What are beings?  That which cannot be captured or seen in the light of day, but still have tremendous effect. How do beings manifest in us? The Two of Cups. Well this is creepy isn’t it?   Cups are cards of air, and this card shows a Venus inspired relationship surrounded by the wreath from the World Card.   The World card depicts a hermaphroditic blending of the sexes while the 2 of Cups shows a very separated state. We allow, invite, and/or have beings (whatever they are) in our personal space, there is attraction, but there is not a merge. What do beings want from us?  A parade of 7 reversals that lack major arcana, queens, and pentacles. I turned cards until an upright one appeared.   Jumping off from the absence of Majors in this run, I’ll say that beings manifest in the mundane everyday issues of life.  This sequence of […]