On The Passing of Robin Williams (with the Egyptian Cartouche)

One of our tarot group members did this excellent reading on Robin Williams using the out of print Egyptian themed Way of Cartouche oracle deck, which has 25 cards.    Here it is: This reading was done solely for my own purpose, but the spread was so beautiful that I wished i could share with anyone who felt as affected by Robin Williams’ passing as I have felt. Because he ended his life by suicide, I felt myself worried he would not be at peace and heal from the turmoil and pain that some of us know can push us into the darkness that he felt. While I did not know him personally, I knew he was a gentle, good spirit.) I first want to point out that out of the 24 cards in the Cartouche, there was not one negative card to fall in this spread.  Question: “Will he have peace?” Cards: Point 1: Thoth Point 2: Water Point 3: Ankh Point 4: Osiris Point 5: Winged Disk Additional two cards below 5 Card Spread : Anubis and Scarab Thoth —-at Point One falls in the “Nature of the Problem, Situation or Question” area—  (Thoth represents Fate/Karma, healing, and the spirit  by definition in the Book of Cartouche, and in my interpretation in this reading) Water —-at Point Two Falls in “Cause of Problem/Reason for asking”. (Water represents emotions, and in this reading represents my emotions being the reason for asking) Ankh —-at Point 3 is in the “Factors to be Considered” point. (Ankh is described as our life force, “the key to life”. In my experience, when Ankh is not representing actual love, it is felt to me as a warmth. Care being given where it is needed, I feel warmth and light when I see this card at this point, and especially for this spread) Osiris —-at Point 3 is in the “Comment/Advice Given” (Osiris is the Lord of Light, representing wisdom, justice, and stability. For my question “will he have peace?” – I know by experience with the Cartouche that Osiris represents a firm, fixed and stable answer that is definite to say that yes, there will be peace” Winged Disk —-at Point 5 falls in the “Outcome/End Result” position. (Winged Disk is identified in “The Way of Cartouche” book as “Emblem of the flight of the spirit to higher realms”, as well as “Divine Guidance”, “Inspiration”, and “Achievement”. […]