Another reading request today.  I decided to go with the same style reading as the last request, breaking down the question into its primary elements for a 7-card reading. 1) What is this person tapping into with me?  PAGE OF WANDS REVERSED First of all, it’s really interesting that this card literally shows the page tapping into the ground with his wand.   Reversed, this card seems to be saying that this person looks up to you and is inspired when with you, but is somewhat impatient.  He isn’t doing things in a way you’re totally comfortable with.   Dare I say he isn’t following your rules?  I.e.  he’s pushing your boundaries.  2) What’s being coaxed out of me by him? 10 OF SCEPTERS I see this card as a ring of fire.  What’s being coaxed out of you has two sides.  The torches represent a rhapsody of (artistic) inspiration.  The floodgates are open, but you may not be willing to handle it all at once so your barriers go up. 3) Is it something new I need to explore?6 OF SWORDS The way the two triangles travel together in the sky (conscious mind) and under water (subconscious) suggests that this isn’t new territory for you.  The crab/crayfish represent a psychic/subconscious agitation that needs to surface and be dealt with.   It’s not new but this relationship is bringing up something that’s been invisible to you. 4) Or a pattern? 10 OF SWORDS Of all the cards in this deck, this is the one that REALLY shows an ongoing cycle.  This most certainly is a pattern.  The eclipse would suggest that you’re ability to see this pattern clearly is blocked by strong emotions.   This is where you are in the cycle. 5) I really can’t tell if it’s destructive or inventive? QUEEN OF SWORDS The queen is a fierce warrior.  This all goes to what’s being coaxed out of you — which seems to be power and artistic inspiration.    So, most this relationship is definitely inventive — if you can maintain your power and individuality. 6) Am I being too open or too guarded? 10 OF DISKS This card shows 5 coins exposed and 5 coins buried.  It feels like you’ve struck a pretty good balance between the two.  You need to keep those 5 coins to yourself for now. 7) What am I not able to see in […]