The Esoterico Collective of Greenpoint is presenting an upcoming workshop by RACHEL POLLACK — Tarot Grandmaster, author of 36 books of fiction and non fiction, and tarot-deck creator. WHAT IS THE TAROT? SATURDAY NOVEMBER 15th, 1-5pm The Tarot is a tool for fortune-telling.  The Tarot is a game. The Tarot is an oracular mystery.  The Tarot is a mirror of our true selves.  The Tarot is a blueprint for transformation.  The Tarot is an ancient spiritual teaching in pictures.  The Tarot is a repository of myths and Gods and Goddesses.  The Tarot is a device for storytelling and creativity.  The Tarot is a guidance system for the soul. All these things have been said about the 78 cards that make up the Tarot, and all of them are true. In this workshop, we will explore the Tarot’s many dimensions.  We will consider just how a picture on a mass-produced card means something, and how that meaning changes over time, and how it adapts to an individual person’s issues and questions. For Rachel, the primary way of learning Tarot is through doing readings.  Readings are a constant exploration of the Tarot’s possibilities, propelled by the issues and questions of the querent.  We will look at different kinds of readings, from a simple daily spread, to relationship spreads, to readings crafted from a querent’s actual words, to what Rachel calls  Wisdom readings, where we ask the cards questions about the world, spiritual issues, or the Tarot itself. This workshop is experiential, and open to all levels.  Please bring your own Tarot deck.  All decks are welcome, but Rachel will focus primarily on the Rider-Waite-Smith deck (the most well-known), and her own Shining Tribe Tarot. RACHEL POLLACK is the author of 36 books of fiction and non-fiction, three of which have won awards.  Her book 78 Degrees of Wisdom is known all over the world as “the Bible of Tarot readers.”  Rachel’s books have been translated into 14 languages.  Her most recent work is the novel The Child Eater, and The Burning Serpent Oracle, a card deck and book co-created with artist Robert M. Place. SPACE IS LIMITED, SIGN UP NOW. $55 before October 31 $60 at the door 67 West Street, 4th Floor Brooklyn, NY 12723 PAYMENT: Cash, Check, or Paypal RSVP: zoemaat@hvc.rr.com & esotericobrooklyn.com