OPEN HOUSE, Saturday October 4th from 3-9 PM

Hello friends, We are holding an open house to introduce to you, our friends and family, our plans for the future and to infuse our new shared space with loving vibes and to let you all know who we are and what we do! The COLLECTIVE: Bobby Abate, Risa Puleo, Jasmine Spacher, Valentine Lahey, Jamie Della Selva, Robyn Olds, Zina Tavitsanos, and Anais L’amour. Just briefly, The ESOTERICO COLLECTIVE began as a weekly meeting for tarot readers in a living room. Today, our collective has expanded to include those who have practices in astrology kabbalistic healing, body work, the I Ching, aura reading, stone work, and palmistry. For most members of the collective, our spiritual explorations run parallel to our careers as artists, filmmakers, dancers, musicians, and actors. This is what makes our collective unique. Beginning in October, we will share an intimate studio space in Greenpoint where we can meet, have social events, deepen our practices and share our talents. So come celebrate our new studio and hang out with us on Saturday, October 4th from 3-9 for wine, tea, mini-readings and ritual!!! We would love to see all of you! OUR PRACTICES: Bobby Abate – Tarot Jasmine Spacher -Tarot/ Bodywork/ Energy Healing Risa Puleo – Tarot Robyn Olds – I Ching / Reiki Jamie Della Selva – Egyptian Cartouche Oracle Reading Zina Tavitsanos – Astrology Anais L’Amour – Astrology / Stone work RSVP on our Facebook event page! AND —┬áLike our Facebook page!