The Four Threes

One of my favorite cards from El Gran Tarot Esoterico, The 3 of Cups, came up in my personal reading this morning, so I pulled out all the three’s for comparison.    In the Picard system of Minors threes would be the effects of Binah and the Empress in our everyday lives. The 3 of Cups seems like such a positive card for Spring.   With feasting and three open receptive soul-cups, one can easily place the Rider-Waite interpretation here and it would work very well.   A closer examination suggests all of Esoterico’s the threes speak of emergence or suppression.   The Cups show us an egg, with the symbol of the sun which is also the center of the Pythagorean TETRAKTYS – the simplest point and beginning of all things.   The fertilized egg, nurtured in a triangular nest of three cups, will eventually take on a life of its own. The 3 of Scepters harness the power of Mercury flanked by two young shoots of hazel.  According to the website Tree Lore, “Hazel is The Tree of Immortal Wisdom has applications in magic done for manifestation, spirit contact, protection, prosperity, divination-dowsing, dreams, wisdom-knowledge, marriage, fertility, intelligence, inspiration.” Wisdom and fertility certainly relate to Binah and the Empress.    The dog seems to indicate a taming of the fiery impulse, the trained companion that leads us forward. Maritxu Guler inverted Picard’s original design for the 3 of Swords to create a downward facing water triangle skewering a fish.  The swords represent intense emotions that plummet and pin free will to the floor of the subconscious mind.  Of all cards, this is the strongest indicator of being in trapped or imprisoned.  Depending on what other cards appear in a reading, this could be the work of outside forces. If we read the progression of threes as a venture moving from Scepters forward, the Swords indicate those obstacles that make us want to turn belly up.  The beauty of this card is in its reversal, where the fish is finally free swim and explore the waters of the subconscious/psychic mind.   The 4 of Coins gets us back to the theme of emergence.  The two planted coins bare the symbols of Capricorn and Taurus.  The seeds of hard work that began with the scepters and cups have taken root .  The venture indicated by Mercury’s caduceus in the 3 of Scepters has been fully realized in the above-ground coin baring […]