This morning I decided to find out about this being that was detected in my  reading on Monday night, so I put to use my being spread: Shuffle the deck concentrating on your being. Set aside the top and bottoms cards. Locate The Devil or the Empress, whichever comes first.   The two cards around the Empress are the seeds of the being; the two cards around the Devil are what the seeds have grown into.   Find the other card and take note of the distance between to indicate how much history you have with this being.  If the Devil is located first, the growth and entanglement with the being is stronger.   The Empress coming first indicates a readiness to see this being in simplest form.    Go back the the top and bottom cards you first pulled. The top card is advice how to engage w/ being.  The bottom card is how to disengage. So I found AKER (aka The Devil) first, which means I’m a bit more entangled with this being than I thought. The seeds of this being have grown into precisely nothing as shown in the 2 OF COINS.   The moon, ever changing emotional state and psychic power, plays a big part here.   THE CONSULTANT (magician) reversed shows  the universe imprinted on the chakras of the archetypal man: Adam Kadmon. The moon is the root chakra or Yesod on the tree of life.  I went to a psychic fair a few years ago where this woman in black pointed to my groin and said I have darkness lingering in that area.  I, of course, was offended — but now it’s beginning to make sense.  This being is preventing growth and opening of this channel.  There are 11 cards between Aker and The Empress, indicating a short history with this being. The two cards around the Empress show the seeds of this being beginning with the seductive ACE OF COINS, with voluptuous roots.   Coins represent groundedness, so perhaps this being began with the promise of feeling grounded and safe.  Death inspires change, but also fear of change.  This being began with a choice between radical change or playing it safe.     Now back to those first two cards, how to engage and disengage. The 7 CUPS (air) are in a state of emptying, they are not receptive or vulnerable to outside […]

THE EMPRESS AS DEVIL (and vice versa)

In 1978, tarot was a cultural obsession with several hundred variations in print, but when Maritxu Guller was asked to design El Gran Tarot Esoterico at 70 years of age, she wasn’t interested in reinvention so much as aligning it with a lifetime of experience in the field.  Maritxu is relatively unknown in these parts, but a quick Google search with translation assistance revealed her celebrity in Spain where she was master and mentor of all sorts of occult practices until her death in 1993.   Martixu seems to have based her designs for the major arcana on Oswald Wirth’s system with one major departure rippling throughout — the supreme presence of the all powerful goddess.  The most tantalizing change in El Gran Tarot Esoterico is the treatment of the Empress and the Devil.   In Oswald Wirth’s designs both have wings, but that’s where any similarity ends. Maritxu’s Empress and “Devil” are both seated feminine figures with wings swapped. The Devil has been changed to Aker, Egyptian god of the horizon and the revolving door to the underworld.  The two lions at the Empress’s feet are the symbol for Aker.   All this shared and swapped imagery suggests the Empress and Aker are actually the same person seen in the light of the natural world and the underworld — just as the pyramid is depicted on the Empress’s shield.  As above, so below. In the scheme of the Major Arcana, we first encounter the Empress, associated with Mars rather than the usual Venus.  She is nurturer, teacher, installer of rules and administrator of punishment while the Emperor/father is off working or gaining some sort of spiritual guidance at church.  Maritxu’s Empress is the archetype for the mother who transforms from angel to devil the instant she begins to enforce her rules.  The card’s reversal could indicate a severe abuse of this power. Twelve cards (3×4) come between the Empress and Aker indicating a very long journey before we can start to reconcile the seeds of frustration and resentment that began in childhood.   Aker is divided from the church but bares the hand gestures normally given to the male Heirophant/Pope.   To this day women are still actively banned from these roles in the Roman Catholic church probably because they represent true power. After all, the female body is the source of all human creation – even Jesus needed a female to be born into human form.  And […]