The kind of thunderstorm that sounds like the world is ending struck Brooklyn around 3am.  My pooch and I pretty much leapt out of bed abd began shaking like a pair of french poodles in a Cujo remake.   That gut reaction goes right back to the beginning, it’s a fear of fears THE MOON, or even lightening devastated TOWER. And to top things off, there’s that Mommy come make it better in the same instant.   So yeah, it would be good to pull some cards on this and I’ll be using Manly P Hall tarot deck to do it. The top left to right: THE THUNDERBOLT THE SHAKING THE SAVE ME FEELING WHAT’S REALLY BENEATH THE SURFACE The bottom row is advice on how to neutralize this reaction Look at all those 5’s and star formations and 8’s!  This is pure, focused conflict.   THUNDERBOLT!! The 5 OF SWORDS features a whip in the upper righthand corner.   A quick painful crack of severe pain that has a lasting sting.   SHAKING!!  THE 8 OF CUPS  places the star from the previous card in the core cups (or the the body), a direct jolt to the the sacral chakra or Yesod on the tree of life.  SAVE ME!!  ANOTHER 8, MORE SWORDS.  The two squares feel like a steel fortress. The serpent entwined ankh is reminiscent of Mercury’s caduceus, which is related to sleep: CADUCEUS id+ | MAGIC STICK or STAFF | used to HEAL most often by INDUCTION OF SLEEP also TO TRANSMIT GODLY COMMANDS BY DREAMS note SLEEPING IS CURATIVE or REST or RESTITUTION LATE ROMAN AND GREEK ARTISTS ADDED WINGS TO THE TIP OF THE CADUCEUS or STAFF TO DENOTE THAT KNOWLEDGE PERMEATES EVERYTHING SILENTLY AND WITH MERCURIAL SPEED THE PROPERTY OF THE SILENT SPEEDY MESSENGER GOD HERMES. The waking has purpose and meaning. THE MOON is beneath the surface.   The lobster, which represents suppressed fear, rises from the depths of the water in the same position as the star and caduceus on the previous two cards.   This is something which much be faced.  The thunderbolt activated this response and it will continue to do so until the fear is faced.  This is insecurity, ego, fear of death.  All those goodies. The Advice is perplexing, as the Star reversed suggests.   I will take some time to reflect.  Maybe the next midnight thunderstorm will […]