This morning I decided to find out about this being that was detected in my  reading on Monday night, so I put to use my being spread: Shuffle the deck concentrating on your being. Set aside the top and bottoms cards. Locate The Devil or the Empress, whichever comes first.   The two cards around the Empress are the seeds of the being; the two cards around the Devil are what the seeds have grown into.   Find the other card and take note of the distance between to indicate how much history you have with this being.  If the Devil is located first, the growth and entanglement with the being is stronger.   The Empress coming first indicates a readiness to see this being in simplest form.    Go back the the top and bottom cards you first pulled. The top card is advice how to engage w/ being.  The bottom card is how to disengage. So I found AKER (aka The Devil) first, which means I’m a bit more entangled with this being than I thought. The seeds of this being have grown into precisely nothing as shown in the 2 OF COINS.   The moon, ever changing emotional state and psychic power, plays a big part here.   THE CONSULTANT (magician) reversed shows  the universe imprinted on the chakras of the archetypal man: Adam Kadmon. The moon is the root chakra or Yesod on the tree of life.  I went to a psychic fair a few years ago where this woman in black pointed to my groin and said I have darkness lingering in that area.  I, of course, was offended — but now it’s beginning to make sense.  This being is preventing growth and opening of this channel.  There are 11 cards between Aker and The Empress, indicating a short history with this being. The two cards around the Empress show the seeds of this being beginning with the seductive ACE OF COINS, with voluptuous roots.   Coins represent groundedness, so perhaps this being began with the promise of feeling grounded and safe.  Death inspires change, but also fear of change.  This being began with a choice between radical change or playing it safe.     Now back to those first two cards, how to engage and disengage. The 7 CUPS (air) are in a state of emptying, they are not receptive or vulnerable to outside […]

What are BEINGS? + Being Tarot Spread.

On Monday night our tarot study group got into a discussion about beings; what they may or may not be and where they come from.   One idea asserted was that beings have a will (or an agenda for us) and want to manifest as human. This reminds me of the strange crustacean coming to the surface in The Moon card, demanding consideration. Many have spoken of of beings over the years but I’ve never heard the same concept twice.  A friend of mine speaks constantly of beings, particularly those which enter her room at night and have the tactile quality of foam rubber.  There is also good ole life experience.  If a trauma in childhood leaves a psychological scar — can our reaction to that scar be perceived as a being?   Personally, I prefer to differentiate between sprits (like those of my ancestors and departed pets) and everything else.  That’s just me. Angels, ghosts, gods, light, white light, foam rubber, or completely abstract, there will never be a definition of being that makes anyone feel comfortable.  But what the hell, let’s see what El Gran Tarot Esoterico has to say about it. What are beings? Ace of Swords, reversed. There’s that crustacean from the moon card, pierced by the mighty sword.    It’s interesting that the reversal of this card brings the sword into an upright position, which normally indicates great wisdom and mental clarity.   But in Maritxu’s tarot swords are watery, and this one pierces directly inti the heart of the unknown.   What are beings?  That which cannot be captured or seen in the light of day, but still have tremendous effect. How do beings manifest in us? The Two of Cups. Well this is creepy isn’t it?   Cups are cards of air, and this card shows a Venus inspired relationship surrounded by the wreath from the World Card.   The World card depicts a hermaphroditic blending of the sexes while the 2 of Cups shows a very separated state. We allow, invite, and/or have beings (whatever they are) in our personal space, there is attraction, but there is not a merge. What do beings want from us?  A parade of 7 reversals that lack major arcana, queens, and pentacles. I turned cards until an upright one appeared.   Jumping off from the absence of Majors in this run, I’ll say that beings manifest in the mundane everyday issues of life.  This sequence of […]