The Esoterico Collective stands in solidarity with the families of Eric Garner, Akai Gurley, Aiyana Stanley-Jones, Duanna Johnson, Mike Brown, Rekia Boyd, Tamir Rice and too many others whose lives have been cut short and impacted by police brutality. This open house event will take place on the Saturday just before the Winter Solstice, raising much needed monetary support for organizations doing work around issues of anti-Black racism and anti-police repression. We will be offering our services as healers and intuitive counselors to all who seek it out. We are asking for donations of $25 and up for each 20 minute session. The services we will provide include Tarot, Astrology, Reiki and I Ching readings (other modalities TBA). 100% of proceeds from those who book in advance (prior to December 18th) will be donated to Healing Justice For Black Lives Matter ( and Equality for Flatbush : E4F Book a session with iele paloumpis, Bobby Abate, Jasmine Spacher, Regina Rocke or Robyn (other member offerings TBA) You will receive an email with information on how to donate to the causes above. Generally speaking our open houses are intended to help Esoterico keep its doors open, so we will be accepting separate donations for the space on December 20th as well. There are many ways to contribute to this movement – healing justice, self and community care are all vital components toward movement building. Our services will be free to organizers who need to take time to self reflect so that their work can sustainably continue, contact Our intention is to help create more space for healing to happen. We are sending energy to the protesters out in the streets and activists organizing against state violence, moving us toward racial justice and all forms of social change. We hope that you will add your energy and voices in whatever ways you can. We hope we can support you on your path toward self reflection and healing in this time when community care is so needed.


According to astrologer Adam Elenbaas, we are gonna be all up in ourselves today. We really really won’t have a problem throwing a bitch under a bus today if it means getting what we want (or getting some sweet revenge.)  In times like these we must remember the famous words of internet sensation and porn star Chris Crocker:  keep it cute, or put it on mute.  Before you go and cut a bitch for crossing you, cut the cards and do this Rupaul inspired spread. First two cards: What do I want sooo bad… I will cut a bitch to get it? What’s really behind this urge? Write down one thing you find especially embarrassing about yourself,  one thing that really challenges you,  AND one thing that just confuses the fuck out of you — and let the tarot read you: ____ is embarrassing cuz… ____ is  challenging cuz… ____ is  confusing the fuck of you cuz… And one more card a la Rupaul. If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love anyone else? How the hell can I love all this BS at once?


We are in the peak of a Cardinal Grand Cross which has raised the hackles of Astrologers around the globe.   From upheaval in the Ukraine, to the sunken ferry in South Korea and the missing jetliner from Malaysia (not to mention several notable earthquakes around the ring of fire) there is a lot going on.  According to Anthony Louis’ helpful blog entry, “Individuals born with their Sun or personal planets and chart points at 13 degrees of a cardinal sign will be most strongly affected.”  The Ukraine falls under this category. A simple 8-card spread to reveal personal impact from the Cardinal Grand Cross: TOP LEFT: effects of URANUS IN ARIES BOTTOM LEFT: effects of JUPITER IN CANCER BOTTOM RIGHT: effects of MARS IN LIBRA TOP RIGHT: effects of PLUTO IN CAPRICORN CENTER: two cards for overall impact RIGHT: two cards for of long term effects The ACE OF WANDS shows the powerful effects of Uranus in Aries. I am Sagittarius with Leo rising, so this was bound to have to most profound effect.  The potential to begin anew is at conflict with the other planets in the square. The 6 OF WANDS shows the effects of Jupiter in Cancer.   This card is literally ruled by Jupiter and so am I.   Cancer is such an emotional sign, it feels like Jupiter is attempting to boil to the water a bit and bring something massive to the surface. The 6 OF CUPS represents a retrograde Mars in Libra. This is the first time this card has ever come up in a reading with this deck!  With 3 cups facing in either direction, Mars feels somewhat neutralized, inward and lost in Libra.  This feels almost like the safe space in the square. The QUEEN OF PENTACLES reversed represents Pluto in Capricorn.  I wonder if someone else’s bad decisions are going to have direct effect on me? The overall impact is the ACE OF PENTACLES reversed.   Ugg.  The nice way to interpret this is feeling vulnerable and helpless in the center of it all.   The worst is that something will come down from that Queen and effect the freelance project I’m working on.   That Queen already fired all of her own employees yesterday and isn’t prone to making considerate decisions this week. Nevertheless, the 10 OF CUPS AND COINS as outgoing impact feel very balanced. Whatever is […]