Remember that day a lightbulb over your head lit up with that brilliant idea? Full of fiery inspiration to begin your big new venture, you set out on a wildly epic journey through Hell or high water to make it happen! Until… ******Screech*******  Houston, we have a problem. Hell is a wee bit hotter than you thought, and that water??  That ain’t no lake, that’s a damn cesspool.  I started a very intense project and now I’m stuck at The River Poop, so I designed this spread to inspire a magical leap! Tarot magic being what it is, the first thing I saw after laying out the cards is that the obstacles resemble pillars.  Yes, road blocks truly suck but they also inspire us to build long bridges and jump higher.   THE QUERENT:  This is a look at your energy before taking the leap. If you get the The Star or the 10 of Swords, you may need time to recharge (see my Drained Battery Spread.) THE GOAL:  You already know what your goal is, right?  This cards shows the energy of the goal itself.   Most of us have the goal of success.  Our book gets published, our business is thriving, we lose/gain that extra few pounds.   If you get a strange card like The Devil here, perhaps you’re goal isn’t one that deserves the effort in the first place. OBSTACLE #1:  Either identify what your obstacles are or let the Tarot tell you.  This is what’s blocking your path, but also inspiring you to jump higher. OBSTACLE #2:  Do as many obstacle cards as you want.  These can be for specific people or situations you feel are keeping you from reaching your goal. 1ST STEP:  Obstacles make us want to give up.  This card tells you how to get yourself wound up again!  How can you get psyched to take this leap?  What will give you the required energy?  LEAP O FAITH:  And you jump!  This card gives you the faith endure the leap and not fall short.   It is your inspiration.  The Wind Beneath Your Wings!  Fly, flyyyyy, flyyyyyyyy! (Yes, I am that cheesy.) PREPARE FOR LANDING: You’ve jumped sky high to clear the obstacles, landing might be tricky.   You don’t want to overshoot your goal or waste energy.  This card shows you how to prepare for landing with your seats in an upright position.  This card could […]


I’ve been evolving this personal spread which originally began with the standard 3 cards to check in on the energies each day. While shuffling, I’ll either clear my mind or focus on some person or issue dominating my thoughts.   Here’s what the spread evolved into: INFLUENCE – This is energy coming into the day either from last night’s dreams, yesterday, the weeks or years before. PRESENT – This shows the energy of the present moment. INERTIA – This is where the energy wants to lead you as if standing in a river.  If the card has a powerful or raging flow like one of the major arcana, you may have a hard time staying in place or changing course.    ADVICE #1 – You can read these two advice cards together or separate.   I really keep these in mind throughout the day – the meaning seems to unfold. ADVICE #2 I especially like to think of the Majors as causes and the Minors as effects.  The court cards can either indicate specific people, or just give you and image of yourself in the course of the day.  Here’s my reading this morning from El Gran Tarot Esoterico: EL CONSULTANTE (this deck’s Magician) has been coming up for me in daily readings in the position of influence — and today it makes me very happy.   I’ve been focusing on alignment of the solar system inside of my body so that I can get back into my own projects and just be less of the asshole I was 10 years ago.   THE TWO OF CUPS in the present moment makes perfect sense too.  This is a card I got for what’s necessary to open up psychic channels.  A loving meeting of minds.   I’m trying! I particularly love the 5 OF CUPS here for the inertia of the day.  It feels supremely witchy.   Even though Risa has gone to Texas for the week, I’m still craving our tarot meeting tonight.   ADVICE:   EL CICLO (a/k/a Judgement) & DEATH.   Wow, this is really begging me to make some progress today.  Is it possible?  If you do this spread, let me know how it goes?


Another reading request today.  I decided to go with the same style reading as the last request, breaking down the question into its primary elements for a 7-card reading. 1) What is this person tapping into with me?  PAGE OF WANDS REVERSED First of all, it’s really interesting that this card literally shows the page tapping into the ground with his wand.   Reversed, this card seems to be saying that this person looks up to you and is inspired when with you, but is somewhat impatient.  He isn’t doing things in a way you’re totally comfortable with.   Dare I say he isn’t following your rules?  I.e.  he’s pushing your boundaries.  2) What’s being coaxed out of me by him? 10 OF SCEPTERS I see this card as a ring of fire.  What’s being coaxed out of you has two sides.  The torches represent a rhapsody of (artistic) inspiration.  The floodgates are open, but you may not be willing to handle it all at once so your barriers go up. 3) Is it something new I need to explore?6 OF SWORDS The way the two triangles travel together in the sky (conscious mind) and under water (subconscious) suggests that this isn’t new territory for you.  The crab/crayfish represent a psychic/subconscious agitation that needs to surface and be dealt with.   It’s not new but this relationship is bringing up something that’s been invisible to you. 4) Or a pattern? 10 OF SWORDS Of all the cards in this deck, this is the one that REALLY shows an ongoing cycle.  This most certainly is a pattern.  The eclipse would suggest that you’re ability to see this pattern clearly is blocked by strong emotions.   This is where you are in the cycle. 5) I really can’t tell if it’s destructive or inventive? QUEEN OF SWORDS The queen is a fierce warrior.  This all goes to what’s being coaxed out of you — which seems to be power and artistic inspiration.    So, most this relationship is definitely inventive — if you can maintain your power and individuality. 6) Am I being too open or too guarded? 10 OF DISKS This card shows 5 coins exposed and 5 coins buried.  It feels like you’ve struck a pretty good balance between the two.  You need to keep those 5 coins to yourself for now. 7) What am I not able to see in […]


I was asked to do a reading for someone today.  I decided to make the question itself into the following 4-card spread (ala Rachel Pollack.) (1) I am wondering about (2) staying calm and also (3) where to place or preserve energy or (4) persevere, (5) not feeling futility.  (1) 2 OF SCEPTERS is the querent, wondering, at the crossroads of two scepters.   The fire at the bottom transforms the wheat and wine (aka the body and blood of Christ.)  This is a great transformational moment, full of pain and possibilities.   2’s are all about wisdom and mystery on the Tree of Life.  In the realm of fire, they are inspiration. (2) STRENGTH is how to stay calm.   This is one of Maritxu’s best cards, showing the feminine force of Venus taming Hercules from within.   Sometimes, Mom knows best, and this card could be saying to access her advice for peace — or to even channel her energy from within. (3) 3 OF SWORDS REVERSED is where to place energy.  A fish is normally free to explore the waters, but negative emotions in the form of 3 swords have killed it.   The reversal actually brings this fish back to life. Where to place your energy is in restoring that freedom which has been killed off by conflict.  The water is the subconscious mind, and the fish wishes to navigate that freely. If fact, this is the form that energy from the 2 OF WANDS must take. (4) 4 OF DISKS shows how to persevere.  Good alignment of numbers.   Here we see four coins rooting together in earth.   We’ve had 2,3 and now 4 as we make our way down the tree of life, honing down energy.   This card suggests that you’ve acquired quite a solid foundation of resources to move forward. You can persevere easily with what you already have (plus that restored fish!) The Rider-Waite deck would suggest a level of frugality, too.  Never hurts. (5) PAGE OF WANDS REVERSED not feeling futility.  The young page is at the beginning of his journey, kneeling to others, and attempting to plant his scepter into the ground.  The reversal suggests you are no longer a page, and fear going back to that place.  So, don’t back track.  Cover new ground, and don’t cow tow to anyone.  Move forward with your experience and take up from there. BONUS […]