New moons and solstices provide plenty of opportunity to wipe the slate clean, but there is no denying how much effect January 1st has on all of us. New Year is the big kahuna of new beginnings, it’s always the elephant in the room.  Go to any crowded gym in January then see how empty is it by April if you need proof.   Perhaps dumbbells and diets aren’t what we really need in the new year.  Time to ask the tarot. SHUFFLE THE CARDS As you mix the cards, think about the year that’s ending and what you want for the new one.  When you’re done, cut the deck into three stacks, then stack again however you want.  (I personally like to feel each stack for heat and select the hottest one.) TAKE THE CARD FROM THE VERY TOP & VERY BOTTOM OF THE DECK, THEN ONE MORE CARD FROM THE TOP. TOP CARD:  YOU IN THE PRESENT MOMENT BOTTOM CARD: YOU ONE YEAR FROM NOW THE POWER/GIFT/TALENT YOU GAINED IN THE CURRENT YEAR WHAT SHOULD YOUR RESOLUTION BE? The next part of the reading is essentially it’s own 5-card spread. You make this super general or do separate resolutions for work, finance, romance, art, spirituality, family, etc.  Each one of these would essentially be its own 5-card spread. 1st card: RESOLUTION Now track the effort of resolution through the seasons.  Depending on the card and/or the reversal, these cards will indicate work that needs to be done, easy passages, obstacles, gifts, or people.   Use your intuition. WINTER  SPRING SUMMER FALL I did my resolution about my artwork.  Here’s the spread: When I saw these cards, I knew the spread was just right.   Right now I am standing with the ACE OF PENTACLES (which means I have a gift I need to put it to use.)   In one year I will be THE FOOL, perhaps all the wiser, gaining the ability to take risks and chances (maybe even moving?)   The gift/talent I gained over the year is the TOWER REVERSED, I’d call this the ability to do damage control, to prevent things from falling apart. I did the resolution part of the spread about my artistic career, the ACE OF SWORDS REVERSED.  Right now, I’ll take this to mean that I shouldn’t be afraid to express myself.  With the reversed Tower as my talent/gift, I can afford […]