I was asked to do a reading for someone today.  I decided to make the question itself into the following 4-card spread (ala Rachel Pollack.)

(1) I am wondering about 
(2) staying calm and also 
(3) where to place or preserve energy or 
(4) persevere, 
(5) not feeling futility. 

(1) 2 OF SCEPTERS is the querent, wondering, at the crossroads of two scepters.   The fire at the bottom transforms the wheat and wine (aka the body and blood of Christ.)  This is a great transformational moment, full of pain and possibilities.   2’s are all about wisdom and mystery on the Tree of Life.  In the realm of fire, they are inspiration.

(2) STRENGTH is how to stay calm.   This is one of Maritxu’s best cards, showing the feminine force of Venus taming Hercules from within.   Sometimes, Mom knows best, and this card could be saying to access her advice for peace — or to even channel her energy from within.

(3) 3 OF SWORDS REVERSED is where to place energy.  A fish is normally free to explore the waters, but negative emotions in the form of 3 swords have killed it.   The reversal actually brings this fish back to life. Where to place your energy is in restoring that freedom which has been killed off by conflict.  The water is the subconscious mind, and the fish wishes to navigate that freely. If fact, this is the form that energy from the 2 OF WANDS must take.

(4) 4 OF DISKS shows how to persevere.  Good alignment of numbers.   Here we see four coins rooting together in earth.   We’ve had 2,3 and now 4 as we make our way down the tree of life, honing down energy.   This card suggests that you’ve acquired quite a solid foundation of resources to move forward. You can persevere easily with what you already have (plus that restored fish!) The Rider-Waite deck would suggest a level of frugality, too.  Never hurts.

(5) PAGE OF WANDS REVERSED not feeling futility.  The young page is at the beginning of his journey, kneeling to others, and attempting to plant his scepter into the ground.  The reversal suggests you are no longer a page, and fear going back to that place.  So, don’t back track.  Cover new ground, and don’t cow tow to anyone.  Move forward with your experience and take up from there.


Also wondering about attending conference
or relaxing at home this weekend.

7 OF SWORDS REVERSED (attending) and 2 OF SWORDS (home.)   The sun is the conscious mind submerged in the water.  The reversal puts the sun back at the top where it needs to be at the conference — with some murkiness and cloudy emotions.   If you stay home, the sword plunged into the water creates intense agitation.  Your mind will be at the conference regardless.