Reading the Tarot is its own thing, but when you’re at a social gathering and meet someone new you’ll probably start to read them on your own.   At times, I get all kinds of “psychic” narratives from people only to find out I was outrageously off base (it happened this weekend at a pancake breakfast!)  It’s too easy to confuse what could be a psychic message with simply reading a book by its cover.   We put our minds together at our tarot meeting this week and came up with this 6-card spread to help hone our psychic abilities.

  1. What blocks my psychic abilities?
  2. How can I open up my psychic abilities?
  3. What should I focus on / what is the doorway?
  4. How to do I protect myself?
  5. How do I differentiate psychic messages from personal stuff?
  6. What do I do with the information once I get it?


We used this spread to read each person in the room last night using THE HERMETIC TAROT by Godfrey Dowson and the information we got was pretty specific!  The photo below shows my spread.


What blocks my psychic abilities?

2 OF CUPS REVERSED.  We all seemed to agree this is referring to my defense mechanisms going up when I meet someone new.     This defense mechanism projects my fears onto other people, so basically I’m just reading myself.  I need to approach people with love, compassion, and openness — if I don’t like what I’m getting I can walk away or tune it out. 

How can I open up my psychic abilities?

THE HIGH PRIESTESS.   As the card of the moon, passivity, patience, and reflection I get a strong sense that I need to be more of an instrument and less of a musician when receiving psychic communications.  These messages should ultimate pass through me just as the rays of the Moon reflect upon the Priestess.  Don’t let the conscious mind muddle them up.

What should I focus on / what is the doorway?

10 OF WANDS / LORD OF OPPRESSION.  This one had us all stumped for a little while probably because the message was so simple. I need to bring my own oppression, fear and suffering into focus so that I can let them go.   If I know what oppresses me, I won’t be able to project it onto others.

How can I protect myself?

6 OF PENTACLES REVERSED.   The reversal of this card creates a waxing moon on the right side of the card while upending the symbol of Taurus.   Actually, my natal moon is in Taurus so this card represents a very comfortable space when upright.  The reversal could be saying I can protect myself by not coming across as an authority.  As the moon Waxes, I’m learning.   I can be confident in the messages I get, but I also need be open to the fact they may be totally off.

How do I differentiate psychic messages from personal thought?

PRINCESS/PAGE OF PENTACLES REVERSED.   I’ve been racking my brain about this card.   All the Princesses/Pages seem to be thinking about their futures and all the possibilities.  There’s a lot of waiting implied, and because this is pentacles it feels like waiting for coming solid to come through.   Of course, psychic messages are never solid or absolute, they are being pulled from the ether and are inevitably tempered with personal experience, insight and basic intuition.   So, in a way there is no differentiation for me at the moment.   I have to put whatever message out there and do some good old-fashioned trial-and-error without being too self conscious about it.  

What do I do with the information once I get it?

EIGHT OF WANDS / LORD OF SWIFTNESS.  Well, get the info and get rid of it.  Put it out in the world and move on.   No lingering.

What do you think?