Remember that day a lightbulb over your head lit up with that brilliant idea?

Full of fiery inspiration to begin your big new venture, you set out on a wildly epic journey through Hell or high water to make it happen! Until…


Houston, we have a problem.

Hell is a wee bit hotter than you thought, and that water??  That ain’t no lake, that’s a damn cesspool.  I started a very intense project and now I’m stuck at The River Poop, so I designed this spread to inspire a magical leap!


Tarot magic being what it is, the first thing I saw after laying out the cards is that the obstacles resemble pillars.  Yes, road blocks truly suck but they also inspire us to build long bridges and jump higher.  

  1. THE QUERENT:  This is a look at your energy before taking the leap. If you get the The Star or the 10 of Swords, you may need time to recharge (see my Drained Battery Spread.)
  2. THE GOAL:  You already know what your goal is, right?  This cards shows the energy of the goal itself.   Most of us have the goal of success.  Our book gets published, our business is thriving, we lose/gain that extra few pounds.   If you get a strange card like The Devil here, perhaps you’re goal isn’t one that deserves the effort in the first place.
  3. OBSTACLE #1:  Either identify what your obstacles are or let the Tarot tell you.  This is what’s blocking your path, but also inspiring you to jump higher.
  4. OBSTACLE #2:  Do as many obstacle cards as you want.  These can be for specific people or situations you feel are keeping you from reaching your goal.
  5. 1ST STEP:  Obstacles make us want to give up.  This card tells you how to get yourself wound up again!  How can you get psyched to take this leap?  What will give you the required energy? 
  6. LEAP O FAITH:  And you jump!  This card gives you the faith endure the leap and not fall short.   It is your inspiration.  The Wind Beneath Your Wings!  Fly, flyyyyy, flyyyyyyyy! (Yes, I am that cheesy.)
  7. PREPARE FOR LANDING: You’ve jumped sky high to clear the obstacles, landing might be tricky.   You don’t want to overshoot your goal or waste energy.  This card shows you how to prepare for landing with your seats in an upright position.  This card could also be a person, someone in mission control to guide you safely to the runway.

Here’s my spread using the fabulous EL GRAN TAROT ESOTERICO:


I recently opened an esoteric practice space in Brooklyn, a project for which I got the ACE OF WANDS at its inception.  Opening the space was an unexpectedly Hellish road.   Despite some wonderfully bright spots, what was supposed to inspire a sense of accomplishment, community and peace left me feeling energetically drained, financially depleted, resentful, and sad.  I’m face to face with The River Sh*t — 100 miles long and wider than the eye can see.

Here’s how the Tarot is telling me to take the bionic leap:

  1. Me,  THE MAGICIAN!  Is it just me, or does this dude actually look like he’s waiting by Poop River?  It is such a relief to see the Magician in this position, because his internal universe is aligned and he is full of energy and curiosity. He is ready to leap!
  2. The goal, THE 8 OF COINS.  The tarot never ceases to impress and dazzle!  When I did the project spread for the tarot space, the 8 OF CUPS came up as the biggest obstacle.  I interpreted that to mean it would be a serious pain in the butt to find a group of people to share the space with.  Check that!   This  is my goal EXACTLY:  building a group of solid, dependable, well-grounded, and trustworthy esotericists!  Thank you Tarot!!!!!
  3. Obstacle 1, PAGE OF SWORDS REVERSED.  OK, it seems I’m not crossing a river of poop, so much as hot fire.  This little Page dude can’t get his shit together.  His fire isn’t catching and he is getting frustrated.  This feels like obsessive tendencies but also laziness compounded in one card.
  4. Obstacle 2, KING OF WANDS REVERSED. More fire!  This could be the emotions I’ve lost control of.  Kings are supposed to be leaders, but in reversal they turn resentful of their responsibilities. It’s hard not to compare both obstacle cards.  The Page and The King are supposed to have a very symbiotic relationship, but things have turned negative.
  5. 1st step, THE SUN.   Clarity, plain and simple.   The Sun is telling me to see the situation in the raw, pure light of day.  Be pragmatic and clear the emotional clouds.
  6. Leap o’ faith, ACE OF CUPS.  For real?  Tarot, have I told you how awesome you are? This is just like Super Mario jumping for a magic hammer.  When I’ve taken the leap, I’ll be able to grab that magic cup and use it.  The Ace of Cups indicates faith in and of itself. It represents having an open and receptive heart.  
  7. Landing, THE HEIROPHANT.   I think this card is telling me to look for help from an elder or someone with similar experience to make a safe landing.   I love this image of two people coming to the Heirophant for spiritual guidance, while he himself channels wisdom from the goddess.  Yes, the Goddess.   I also like the idea of finding a mentor.