Bidding Farewell to Our Space & Going Pop-Up!

Due to a pretty hefty rent hike, The Esoterico Collective is about to become a free spirit starting in May!  We’ll continue to host monthly open houses and offer workshops, talks, and classes in spaces around the city,  Pop-Up Shop style. The final workshops in our space, Honing Body Intuition by iele paloumpis and Skeleton Key to the Tarot by Bobby Abate happened over the last week and were a great success! Check our Facebook page to keep up to date! Host an Open House or Workshop! Our open houses will continue every month at various locations!  If have a space or know of one that would be into hosting an Esoterico Collective event please let us know! In the meantime, you can book private readings or sessions with any of members by sending us an email request!  We’ll keep you posted about our next events!


THE SKELETON KEY TO THE TAROT A 4-Week Workshop examining the underlying structure of the Tarot. With BOBBY ABATE Wednesdays 7:30-10 pm March 11 – April 2, 2015 $100    I’m offering a 4-week workshop that looks at the skeleton behind most modern tarot decks, many of which are derived from same system as the world’s most famous pack, The Rider Waite. For nearly 15 years I had a tarot deck gathering dust on my shelf.  I was totally frustrated by the so-called Little White Book that came with the cards.  Struggling to remember 78 cryptic catch phrases like, “couple, inauguration” or “maturity, research,”  felt more like cramming for the SAT’s than developing a new spiritual skill.  Instead, I started looking at the structure behind by the cards: What do all the 2’s have in common?   What is the narrative behind the Major Arcana?  What meanings do all the Kings share? Understanding the underpinning of the tarot helps wipe away a lot of the guess work that comes with interpreting the cards and leaves lots of comfy wiggle room for your intuition and psychic powers. Each of the workshop’s four sessions will be a laid back, fun and conversational look at the framework behind part of the tarot pack.  We’ll also do practice readings as we drink wine (or tea!)  I’ll be offering just enough information to get you to the next level of your tarot practice and feel even more confident doing readings. Required Materials: We’ll be using the ubiquitous Rider Waite tarot deck as the main deck for the workshop and looking at other decks as we go.  You’re also encouraged to bring your other decks for discussion and show & tell! The Rider Tarot Deck by Arthur Edward Waite et al. Link: Suggested Reading: Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom: A Book of Tarot by Rachel Pollack Link: Payment: I accept PAYPAL to or Venmo. $100  


This Sunday,  join Lilith on a sensorial journey of the tarot based on the work of Antonin Artaud, Bertolt Brecht, Edgar Allan Poe, and Carl Jung! Offered Collective Member LILITH DORSEY Sunday, Feb. 8, 1-4 PM 67 West St. Suite 402 / 4th Fl Limited Space Please RSVP  Workshop Fee: $20 In a melding of part ritual and part performance, participants will be invited to experience the tarot through sound, sight, taste, and sacred shock in this exciting workshop.  “Art is not a mirror to reflect reality, but a hammer with which to shape it.”- Brecht. The divine dance of the Tarot is art, mirror, hammer and so much more…. It can be spiritual tools with which we shape ourselves and the world. This class is suitable for beginners and experts alike as we will journey down Tarot’s path by eating, listening, smelling and meditating our way through the major arcana. PAYPAL in advance to guarantee your spot:   LILITH DORSEY M.A., hails from many magickal traditions, including Celtic, Afro-Caribbean, and Native American spirituality. Her traditional education focused on Plant Science, Anthropology, and Film at the University of R.I, New York University and the University of London, and her magickal training includes numerous initiations in Santeria also known as Lucumi, Haitian Vodoun, and New Orleans Voodoo. Lilith Dorsey is a Voodoo Priestess and in that capacity has been doing successful magick since 1991 for patrons, is editor/publisher of Oshun-African Magickal Quarterly , filmmaker of the experimental documentary Bodies of Water :Voodoo Identity and Tranceformation, author of Voodoo and Afro-Caribbean Paganism andThe African-American Ritual Cookbook, and choreographer for jazz legend Dr. John’s “Night Tripper” Voodoo Show. Lilith has been reading Tarot and Palms for over two decades, and specializes in all types of psychic consultation. She also believes good ritual should be fun and innovative, and to that end she led the first ever Voodoo Zombie Silent Rave Ritual in 2013, complete with confused Thriller flash mob.


New moons and solstices provide plenty of opportunity to wipe the slate clean, but there is no denying how much effect January 1st has on all of us. New Year is the big kahuna of new beginnings, it’s always the elephant in the room.  Go to any crowded gym in January then see how empty is it by April if you need proof.   Perhaps dumbbells and diets aren’t what we really need in the new year.  Time to ask the tarot. SHUFFLE THE CARDS As you mix the cards, think about the year that’s ending and what you want for the new one.  When you’re done, cut the deck into three stacks, then stack again however you want.  (I personally like to feel each stack for heat and select the hottest one.) TAKE THE CARD FROM THE VERY TOP & VERY BOTTOM OF THE DECK, THEN ONE MORE CARD FROM THE TOP. TOP CARD:  YOU IN THE PRESENT MOMENT BOTTOM CARD: YOU ONE YEAR FROM NOW THE POWER/GIFT/TALENT YOU GAINED IN THE CURRENT YEAR WHAT SHOULD YOUR RESOLUTION BE? The next part of the reading is essentially it’s own 5-card spread. You make this super general or do separate resolutions for work, finance, romance, art, spirituality, family, etc.  Each one of these would essentially be its own 5-card spread. 1st card: RESOLUTION Now track the effort of resolution through the seasons.  Depending on the card and/or the reversal, these cards will indicate work that needs to be done, easy passages, obstacles, gifts, or people.   Use your intuition. WINTER  SPRING SUMMER FALL I did my resolution about my artwork.  Here’s the spread: When I saw these cards, I knew the spread was just right.   Right now I am standing with the ACE OF PENTACLES (which means I have a gift I need to put it to use.)   In one year I will be THE FOOL, perhaps all the wiser, gaining the ability to take risks and chances (maybe even moving?)   The gift/talent I gained over the year is the TOWER REVERSED, I’d call this the ability to do damage control, to prevent things from falling apart. I did the resolution part of the spread about my artistic career, the ACE OF SWORDS REVERSED.  Right now, I’ll take this to mean that I shouldn’t be afraid to express myself.  With the reversed Tower as my talent/gift, I can afford […]


Remember that day a lightbulb over your head lit up with that brilliant idea? Full of fiery inspiration to begin your big new venture, you set out on a wildly epic journey through Hell or high water to make it happen! Until… ******Screech*******  Houston, we have a problem. Hell is a wee bit hotter than you thought, and that water??  That ain’t no lake, that’s a damn cesspool.  I started a very intense project and now I’m stuck at The River Poop, so I designed this spread to inspire a magical leap! Tarot magic being what it is, the first thing I saw after laying out the cards is that the obstacles resemble pillars.  Yes, road blocks truly suck but they also inspire us to build long bridges and jump higher.   THE QUERENT:  This is a look at your energy before taking the leap. If you get the The Star or the 10 of Swords, you may need time to recharge (see my Drained Battery Spread.) THE GOAL:  You already know what your goal is, right?  This cards shows the energy of the goal itself.   Most of us have the goal of success.  Our book gets published, our business is thriving, we lose/gain that extra few pounds.   If you get a strange card like The Devil here, perhaps you’re goal isn’t one that deserves the effort in the first place. OBSTACLE #1:  Either identify what your obstacles are or let the Tarot tell you.  This is what’s blocking your path, but also inspiring you to jump higher. OBSTACLE #2:  Do as many obstacle cards as you want.  These can be for specific people or situations you feel are keeping you from reaching your goal. 1ST STEP:  Obstacles make us want to give up.  This card tells you how to get yourself wound up again!  How can you get psyched to take this leap?  What will give you the required energy?  LEAP O FAITH:  And you jump!  This card gives you the faith endure the leap and not fall short.   It is your inspiration.  The Wind Beneath Your Wings!  Fly, flyyyyy, flyyyyyyyy! (Yes, I am that cheesy.) PREPARE FOR LANDING: You’ve jumped sky high to clear the obstacles, landing might be tricky.   You don’t want to overshoot your goal or waste energy.  This card shows you how to prepare for landing with your seats in an upright position.  This card could […]


I often feel as though this photo of my Great-Grandmother Maria Carmen is trying to tell me something.   I never met Maria Carmen but she often appears in my dreams and I do feel her watching over me.  I designed this tarot spread based on my photo of Maria Carmen, you can modify as needed for your own photos.   What does Maria Carmen see? What would she tell me?  What about the comforting smell of all those lush italian meals she was legendary for?  Maria Carmen’s daughter (my grandmother) always had a napkin in her hand.  For the first time ever I noticed Maria Carmen is also grasping a handkerchief, a passed-down security blanket.  Could Maria Carmen tell me something about my own security blanket? Standing in front of a veil, My great-grandmother becomes the High Priestess with the same quiet stillness on the shore of a lake by the woods.  It’s as if the water behind her holds the records of our family, our memories, accomplishments, triumphs and shortfalls — but all of it is just painted on fabric.  Like the tarot itself, the lake is a metaphoric image that provides a handle on the incomprehensible nothingness.   I did the spread with my in-progress tarot deck (my cat just couldn’t help joining in.) It’s incredible to see the card that depicts my Grandmother appear as what Maria wants to tell me.  My Grandmother is the Queen of Roses and she appears next to the Wheel of Fortune.   There’s a big picture in the little tasks.   A while ago, a reading said that I connect to ancestral energy by cooking, baking, rolling out dough, etc.  These are very spiritual activities for our Italian family.  How do I connect to Maria Carmen’s heart/love?   Saint Theresa / the 9 of Roses.    My grandmother would always pray to Saint Theresa and say, “show me the roses.”   When a rose appeared, her prayer was answered.   This is why an entire suit of my tarot deck is roses.   To connect with Maria Carmen, I must look for the roses. I won’t go into the specifics of the rest of the reading publicly, but I feel Maria Carmen is telling me that I’m not quite living up to my full potential and also not taking full advantage of what’s available to me.   I’m probably still not ready to get […]

On The Passing of Robin Williams (with the Egyptian Cartouche)

One of our tarot group members did this excellent reading on Robin Williams using the out of print Egyptian themed Way of Cartouche oracle deck, which has 25 cards.    Here it is: This reading was done solely for my own purpose, but the spread was so beautiful that I wished i could share with anyone who felt as affected by Robin Williams’ passing as I have felt. Because he ended his life by suicide, I felt myself worried he would not be at peace and heal from the turmoil and pain that some of us know can push us into the darkness that he felt. While I did not know him personally, I knew he was a gentle, good spirit.) I first want to point out that out of the 24 cards in the Cartouche, there was not one negative card to fall in this spread.  Question: “Will he have peace?” Cards: Point 1: Thoth Point 2: Water Point 3: Ankh Point 4: Osiris Point 5: Winged Disk Additional two cards below 5 Card Spread : Anubis and Scarab Thoth —-at Point One falls in the “Nature of the Problem, Situation or Question” area—  (Thoth represents Fate/Karma, healing, and the spirit  by definition in the Book of Cartouche, and in my interpretation in this reading) Water —-at Point Two Falls in “Cause of Problem/Reason for asking”. (Water represents emotions, and in this reading represents my emotions being the reason for asking) Ankh —-at Point 3 is in the “Factors to be Considered” point. (Ankh is described as our life force, “the key to life”. In my experience, when Ankh is not representing actual love, it is felt to me as a warmth. Care being given where it is needed, I feel warmth and light when I see this card at this point, and especially for this spread) Osiris —-at Point 3 is in the “Comment/Advice Given” (Osiris is the Lord of Light, representing wisdom, justice, and stability. For my question “will he have peace?” – I know by experience with the Cartouche that Osiris represents a firm, fixed and stable answer that is definite to say that yes, there will be peace” Winged Disk —-at Point 5 falls in the “Outcome/End Result” position. (Winged Disk is identified in “The Way of Cartouche” book as “Emblem of the flight of the spirit to higher realms”, as well as “Divine Guidance”, “Inspiration”, and “Achievement”. […]


The 7 OF CUPS is a very curious, steamy, dreamy card in any Golden Dawn based deck.   Does it make you feel all fuzzy when it comes up? Does it make you want to toss chunks?  Are you undecided?  Let’s dive in. All the 7’s in hermetic decks correspond to the 7th sephiroth on the tree of life, NETZACH, which we can consider as human instinct, the ID, maybe even the group mind.  The 7 OF CUPS is Netzach in the world of Water:  instinct plunged into the vast shapeless ocean.   Venus in Scorpio can be interpreted in many ways depending on which Astrologer you follow, but no matter what Venus is highly sexual in Scorpio, plunging her paramours to the recesses of the forbidden.  But when Venus is in Scorpio, she is often misunderstood, sensationalized or made a scapegoat by those who wouldn’t dare plumb the depths of their own libidos.   And of course Venus in Scorpio is often seen as wildly possessive both of her lovers and of what material trappings she considers rightfully hers. All of this is added into the 7 of Cups!   And to make matters even more unbearably beautiful, Venus is the ruler of Netzach.  Cue Bananarama. The Rider Waite (and its Thomson Leng facsimile) show a man standing before a dreamy cloud of luxurious golden cups.  Perhaps this man is trying to choose the holy grail, but can’t decide.   Both these cards clearly depict Netzach in the world of water (a persons mind lost in a vast ocean of pre-conceived ideas) but I see little evidence of Venus in Scorpio.   Perhaps the a true depiction of this would have been to naughty for 1909 when the Rider Waite was released.  The one way Waite depicts Venus in Scorpio is to show a man obsessed with was he considers to be rightfully his, but does not have.     Take a look at the Thompson Leng version of this card, where each of the cups are filled with roses, laurels, angels and daisies.  Doesn’t it feel like an evangelical delusion of grandeur?  Perhaps this is a man who has a very hidden yet very active freak flag?  Ted Haggard anyone? Crowley’s Thoth card depicts 7 cups oozing slime, with rotting lotus flowers.  What a drama queen!  But this is exactly how most people view Venus in Scorpio.   In this […]


At our weekly tarot meeting here in Brooklyn, we tried our Chiron (the wounded healer) spread on every person in the room. It’s worth noting that our healing gifts were directly related to our wounds and that each of us got a Major Arcana or Ace as a signifier of our gift.  We also learned that doing this spread more than once, reveals successive, lesser wounds.  As with any spread, it’s folly to ask the same question (about the same wound) more than once.  I’m going to share our interpretation of the original spread I posted a couple days ago, but first let’s take a moment to gaze at our sexy starry eyed stallion, Mr. Chiron: Here’s my reading: The three center cards: 1. What caused my deepest wound? THE KNIGHT OF CUPS Waite’s knight of cups is completely inactive, waiting for his golden goblet to be filled.  The deepest wound comes from feeling isolated, waiting for love, direction, and like-minded people to come.  Waiting for leadership. 2. What is this wound today? PAGE OF WANDS REVERSED In the present, the Knight has lost his standing from too much waiting and has reverted into a fiery frustrated Page. He is inspired but isolated.  He can’t figure out how to make things happen.   3. How do shield my wound from others? 9 OF DISKS REVERSED The golden disks on either side of the powerful woman are the shield.  She has become overly concerned with being grounded and having financial stability.  This shields the wound, but doesn’t allow it to heal. Moving clockwise from left to right: 4.  How can I release my shield? WHEEL OF FORTUNE In the progression of the Major Arcana, the Wheel is the second key to depict all four alchemical elements after the Magician.  This is especially interesting as the center three cards of my spread lack the element of air. The Wheel seems to be suggesting taking a huge step back to assess the master plan.  It could also be suggesting the cycles and routines I’ve set up in my life need to be re-assessed.   To release the shield, I need to gain wider perspective which can be gained through the power of the sword.  I’ll be looking for the Ace of Swords in further readings. 5.  What is my healing gift? MAGICIAN REVERSED And so here we are, back to the original master of each of the elements.   The Magician is also […]

CHIRON (the wounded healer) SPREAD

Known for his calm disposition and for being one seriously hot DILF, Chiron is credited with giving mankind the art of healing and medicine, but that’s really nothing compared to what he gave to young Achilles.   The Greek God Hottie is also represented by a minor planet whose unusual orbit goes from the inner reaches of Saturn to the outer reaches of Uranus every 51.5 years.  So all those people born in 1963-65 need to get ready for their Chiron return. Today Chiron is looked upon as “the wounded healer” because he suffered a life in agony after Hercules accidentally shot him with an arrow poisoned with hydra-venom!   He eventually gave his life to free Prometheus and was released from his pain when Zeus turned him into the constellation Sagittarius.   Let’s just take one more look at the Silver Steed and Achilles before we move onto the healing spread: Astrologically, it’s worth noting Chiron moved into Pisces last April during all of those Cardinal Grand Cross meltdowns and will make its home there for the next 8 years or so providing us plenty of cosmic energy to heal and be healed.   Since the impetus of Chiron is THE WOUND, my spread begins there.  And since most of us don’t have the desire to live in agony without putting up some sort of shield for self-defense, I’ve also added that into the mix. Here’s the layout: Stack the first three cards on top of each other, placing the shield on top. 1. What caused my deepest, unhealed wound? 2. What has this wound evolved into today? 3. What do I use to shield my wound from others? Continue placing cards around the shielded wound: 4.  How can I release my shield? 5.  What is my healing gift? 6.  How do I go about using this gift? 7.  Who/what needs to be healed? In the end, Chiron himself was healed by being transformed into the constellation Sagittarius, which is represented by TEMPERANCE in the Rider-Waite deck.   After doing the spread above, turn over cards until you find TEMPERANCE: If Temperance is close, you’re nearer to being released from your pain but your gift for healing could also have a shorter shelf-life. If Temperance is far, then you will carry your pain for a longer period of time, but also have a long period of healing others. If Temperance appears […]